• Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Ieva Morica, Executive Director of the Foundation for an Open Society DOTS
    Miceál Pyner, Social Entrepreneur and Creative Advisor, Partner DBMP

    Setting the stage – what does social impact mean and why does it matter?

    Jim Clifford, Partner and Director, Bates Wells Braithwaite, United Kingdom
    Introduction to the concept of social impact, what it means, why it matters, and the basics of impact measurement.

    Setting the stage – what does social impact mean and why does it matter?

    Dr Adam Richards, Furniture Resource Centre, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    Achieving, measuring, and communicating impact – the story of the Furniture Resource Centre

    How much of an impact does the social enterprise sector have: taking the stock of developments in the social entrepreneurship field in the Baltic sea region

    Jaan Aps, Chair of the Management Board, Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Estonia
    Renate Lukjanska, Board Chair, Social Innovation Centre, Latvia
    Monika Stankeviciute, NVO Avilys, Lithuania
    Kinga Zglinicka, Trainer and Consultant, Civil Initiatives Development Centre CRIS, Rybnik, Poland
    Per Bach, Chairman, Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark
    Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Founder and Board Chair, Social Kapital Forum, Sweden
    Iiro Niemi, Board Member and Co-founder, Social Entrepreneurship Academy of Finland

    Moderator: Ieva Morica, Foundation for an Open Society DOTS

    Social Impact Investment

    Rod Schwartz, CEO of ClearlySo, United Kingdom
    Setting the scene on social impact investment / what drives impact investors / what is the “impact” that impact investors are looking for?

    Andris Bērziņš, Latvijas Samariešu apvienības direktors
    Latvijas Samariešu apvienības ceļš uz ietekmes sasniegšanu