• “Ghetto family” opening Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Riga 2013
    Big thanks to our energetic dancers from “Ghetto family”! You gave a very positive vibe for our forum! More about “Ghetto family” as an amazing initiative:

    Opening and welcome remarks of “Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Riga 2013″
    Energetic welcome from “Ghetto family”

    Andris Aukmanis, Executive Director of the Soros Foundation – Latvia;
    Prof. Anders Paalzow, Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics – Riga.

    Opening plenary: Social entrepreneurship – a new framework for addressing urban challenges
    Why should cities invest in social entrepreneurship and social innovation? How can social entrepreneurs help cities reach their policy objectives? What is the spectrum of the most pressing societal issues that social entrepreneurs can address? What drives social entrepreneurs to act, what is their motivation and what values do they hold?

    This session will set the stage for the two-day Forum, highlighting some impressive examples of social entrepreneurs’ engagement in the urban environment and discussing the challenges and opportunities of their backgrounds and journeys in various countries.

    Lise Bisballe, Roskilde University, Denmark
    Jānis Rozenbergs, Mayor of Cēsis, Latvia
    Rūta Dimanta, Executive Director, Foundation “Ziedot”, Latvia
    Teele Pehk, Head of Linnalabor, Urban Idea initiative, Estonia
    Nir Tsuk, Managing Director, Israel & Jewish World, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, Israel

    Moderator: Ieva Morica, Program Director, Soros Foundation — Latvia

    Plenary: Defining a social enterprise – challenges and a way forward
    This plenary session will address various approaches in defining social enterprises and discuss the pros and cons of models that several countries around the Baltic Sea are designing to promote social entrepreneurship.

    Prof. Carlo Borzaga, University of Trento, Italy and President of Euricse, Italy
    Ariane Rodert, Vice-President Group III EESC, EU Policy Adviser Forum/Famna, Sweden Jaan Aps, Chairman of the Management Board, Estonian Social Enterprise Network
    Daina Fromholde, Ministry of Welfare, Latvia, member of EC GECES group
    Mindaugas Danys, Ministry of Economy, Lithuania, member of EC GECES group

    Moderator: Andris Aukmanis, Executive Director, Soros Foundation – Latvia

    Session: Community engagement and social entrepreneurship
    This session will bring together some of the leaders involved in topical urban initiatives from the Baltic States to discuss their views of the entrepreneurial side of their work. The main focus of the session is to summarize the opportunities and challenges they face and the support enabling them to be successful urban social entrepreneurs.

    Jānis Ķīnasts, initiative “LaB+371″ and “ManaRiga”, co-working space “DarbaVieta”, Latvia
    Toms Kokins, Miera Street initiative, Alekša Square project, Latvia
    Teele Pehk, head of Linnalabor, Urban Idea initiative, Estonia
    Jekaterina Lavrinec, co-founder “”, Lithuania

    Moderator: Jonas Buechel, Urban Institute Riga, Latvia

    James Meadway lecture in “Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Riga 2013″
    Speaker: James Meadway, senior economist at New Economics Foundation, London

    Plenary: Urban initiatives and sustainable future – benefits from partnerships
    The goal of this session is to map several important stakeholders in the field of urban social entrepreneurship and to identify their ties to each other and to other players. The focus of mapping urban stakeholders will be analysis of the resources each organization can and is willing to share, and also the benefits it expects to gain from collaboration. This session will aim to reveal the win-win partnership potential in social entrepreneurship as well as create new collaboration models in providing solutions to urban challenges.

    Phil Tulba, Social entrepreneur, presenter and consultant, UK
    Jolanta Borite, Head of Culture department, Sigulda municipality, Latvia
    Raimonds Elbakjans, Founder of “Ghetto family”, Latvia
    Brigita Baltača, Assistant professor, BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia

    Moderator: Kristiina Tõnnisson, Director of European College at the University of Tartu, Estonia

    Plenary: Access to finance for social enterprises

    The aim of this session is to explore and discuss various seed-beds for social enterprise financing; unpacking the future flow of mysterious EU funds; and examining the experiences, opportunities and expectations of private investors and the potential role of public funds in contributing towards the growth of social entrepreneurship. Also, the challenges of balancing social returns with financial returns on investment will be discussed.

    Jonathan Bland, Managing Director, Social Business International, UK and Finland
    Harijs Švarcs, Director at Swedbank Investment Management Latvia
    Juris Cebulis, Head of Program Development Department, Hipotēku banka, Latvia
    Mārtiņš Krūtainis, SSE Riga Mentor Club
    Lolita Čigāne, Parliamentary Secretary of Ministry of Finance, Member of the Saeima

    Moderator: Mr. Jānis Balevičs, University of Latvia

    Closing plenary: Social entrepreneurship stories from the Baltic States
    A lively, moderated discussion with social entrepreneurs from the Baltic States.

    Sabīne Sīle, Charity shop Otrā elpa, Latvia Zane Bojāre, LuDe, Latvia
    Māris Grāvis, Rūpju bērns, Latvia
    Paavo Ala, Meditech Estonia
    Riinu Lepa Tagurpidi Lavka, Estonia
    Jekaterina Lavrinec, co-founder “”, Lithuania

    Moderator: Moderator: Ilze Saleniece, British Council Latvia